Mike Molino, CAE
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Mike understands that you may be uneasy about hiring consultants. As author Geoff Bellman advises in The Consultant’s Calling, “. . . many clients are suspicious of consultants. . . .  They get even more suspicious if they think the consultant . . . wants this work primarily for the money.” 

Mike is different! Mike has been there. 

He has had actual personal successes (and failures) in the areas he consults and speaks about. He has faced what you are facing. He can help you navigate and get to a good solution.

Mike enjoys making himself available to help others exceed the levels of success that he, himself, was lucky enough to achieve. Mike loves to say, "At this stage in life, the joy and satisfaction of helping is far more important that the money." 

If you are seeking guidance, assistance, or advice on shaping the future of your association or small business, Mike invites you to contact him to open the discussion.

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