Mike Molino, CAE
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Mike Molino has been guiding associations and small businesses for many years. Here is a little of what others have to say about him:

"I served on the RVDA Board of Directors including serving as Chairman when Mike was the CEO of RVDA. Each year we went through a 2 day strategic planning session. Mike has an incredible amount of experience in being involved and leading groups through strategic planning. Mike was great in helping those on the board and staff to see the vision of the future and what the priorities should be to get the results. I learned a lot from Mike in leadership and strategic planning. Too often people want to start coming up with ideas and solutions. Mike was always great in showing me that the role of the leader is to define outcomes and not get caught up in all the details of those who will need to execute the goals. One of Mike's strengths is being able to communicate clearly and to the point. I have always found it easy to understand the message Mike is trying to get across because he is well prepared and does it so clearly. As a leader Mike is always great in looking out into the future to question if priorities and goals should change for the Association. Mike has a passion for leadership and in working with others who want to get better. I am fortunate to have been able to work with Mike and I know anyone else who does in the future will feel the same."   (May 2013 - Andy Heck, President, Alpine Haus)

"In today’s ever changing association environment, we at the National Pest Management Association work hard to provide our members with informative and thought provoking educational sessions. When developing the programming for our annual Legislative Day event last month, we were honored to have Mike Molino serve as the facilitator of a strategic dialogue for over 50 of our top association leaders. Through his comprehensive knowledge of association dynamics and poised demeanor, Mike was able to engage all individuals in the room in a very constructive discussion. The outcome of this session provided each and every attendee with action items and ideas they could easily take back and implement to enhance their organizations.

Member feedback from Mike’s session was off the charts and numerous attendees requested that we invite Mike back again to serve as a speaker and facilitator at future events. I would strongly encourage any organization that is looking for a skilled association executive to provide fresh content to seriously consider collaborating with Mike."   (May 2013 - Andrew Architect, Membership Director, National Pest Management Association)

"In my over 20 years of consulting with clients in their use of strategic planning, I consider Mike Molino, then President of The National RV Dealers Association, to have been the most effective and successful practitioner that I ever encountered. He and his Board of Directors created a splendid plan and used it religiously to manage the association’s operations, make decisions, and assess their progress. Doing so over the years has helped their members be much more successful through challenging economic times than all of the other members of the leisure and recreation industry. Mike Molino knows firsthand how strategic planning can make an organization successful over the long term."   (Mar. 2013 - Dana P. French, Jr. Organization Development Consultant)

"Eighteen years ago, I was fortunate to work for Mike. As a recent college graduate, I learned a lot from Mike Molino's supervision and guidance. In fact, now, as a senior officer in an association, I put into practice with my eight-person staff many of the lessons Mike taught me about member service, punctuality, professional appearance in everything one does, and financial discipline. Most of all, Mike led by example, which is the most important lesson that can be taught."   (March 2012 – B. Allmond, former Manager of Industry & Government Relations at RVDA)

"I had the pleasure of knowing Mike for many years and working with him during his tenure as President of RVDA. Mike is a straightforward communicator with the ability to reason across disciplines and opinions. This talent served him well at RVDA and will serve him well in his newest venture."   (Feb. 2012 - Gregg Fore, CEO of Dicor, former chairman RVIA)

"One thing I appreciate about Mike Molino is that you never have to wonder if there is a hidden motive or what side he’s on. I’ve seen time and again where Mike spoke plainly “hard truth” to those who needed to hear it. That is not something that is always easy to do."   (2012 - Deborah Brunoforte, President of Arizona-based Little Dealer, Little Prices, and is a former chairperson of RVDA)

"I worked for Mike Molino twice, once with that U.S. Army employer, and with RVDA, he has consistently taught us to not necessarily do things right, but rather to do the right thing."   (Feb. 2012 - Ronnie Hepp, VP, RVDA)



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